Digital first radio

Engage Your Listeners on Their Terms 

Radio is no longer just a broadcast medium. You need to meet your listeners where they are, giving them the content they are asking for, when they are ready to listen to it.  We are building the bridge to this on-demand future.

TuneKats solutions help get you there. 


Splixer is built to highlight your expert music radio curation and DJ voice in a way that allows you to extend the industry standard two-week streaming archive as far back as you’d like.

By shuffling music sets and their associated air breaks within custom curated mixes, Splixer maintains compatibility with compulsory streaming licenses.  

Unlock your archives and let listeners create their own customized mixes with Splixer.   Post your mixes on your web site and promote them via social media. 

This is what Digital First Radio is about.

Record Bins

Your station has collected a large library of CD’s and Vinyl over the years.  How do you digitize all of this content and make it available to your hosts? How do you let your hosts upload and use their content?  Record Bins can help you solve these problems. 

Record Bins is a cloud based music management system.  We can help you implement digitizing strategies small and large, all supported by the power of Record Bins.

For more information, contact:

Craig Huizenga

(360) 319-9979